A.I. + M.L.

Primes, squares & composites. -The answers lie in the analogies- *Phonetical Congruence sounding like an Irony or a contradiction*.Numbers and computations with fully calculated solid patterns that go on forever can be understood as being infinitely consistent and conversely areas of numerical counting systems, mathematical concepts and sequences, where there are places that are apparently devoid of patterns, still have areas where patterns can be calculated, observed and or derived upon closer inspection.  Convergences having to do with alphanumerics #gemetria or (The Bible Code), as well as numbers, letters and characters, are analogous to every field of study from poetry to cooking.  Numbers, letters and characters with or without sequences, where rapidly computing machines & supercomputers can calculate and find concrete values and analyze supernatural signs, as well as analyze and find parallels and convergences of significant dates, significant names, significant places, significant people, and significant numbers are a reality.Machines, humans and computers that deal with 1) steady rhythmic patterns 2) unpredictable syncopation and pattern straying & or pattern variation & 3) no rhythmic structure or patterns whatsoever which all three could be and might already be analogously finding comparisons, ironies, parallels, paradoxes, convergences and Divine Truths (if programmed correctly by humans & or miraculously done by divine beings).  Patterns of sound Truth involving logical trees, logical planes, and any other true *logical* configuration(s) could allow the patterns to be sectioned off as consistent and the convergences of syncopated and unpredictable numerical, alphanumerical or any other type of sequences that computers and the Spirit would identify, count, calculate (and continue to record intermittent convergences between areas where patterns don’t exist and areas where there are consistent patterns) *continuation of* plus *increased understanding*.  These convergences come together to show that there still are patterns even in areas where patterns are not apparent, let alone consistent even though they are random sporadic and syncopated.  The complete lack of any patterns, also known as anti-patterns, do exist, and are still calculable and are necessary.  This is partially because special formulas and significant numbers exist where patterns and non patterns ironically converge.  These ironies account for the contrast between the Spirit and the Physical body (energy and matter) and the contrast between the Spiritual and Physical Realm.https://c3.ai https://h2o.ai

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