“Risky Business”

I had my first experiences with database search engines that find people’s phone numbers and addresses (some of them you do not even have to pay anything to get information and other ones you do). I have found these to be unbelievably disturbing in the sense that they can be used to find out information about people that can cause a people to be worried for a short duration or on a regular basis or depending upon the individual who has gotten the information and could possibly cost a person or people their lives. I think these types of information databased should be used for people or used by people who are either private investigators or law abiding citizens who are trying to contact a friend from the past. They need to be someone who has a legitimate reason for finding this type of information and should have to request these things by filling out proper forms. It can be used for purposes of unbelievably deviant desires and to have a business that makes money off of this deviation of human behavior is not right. If the person who paying for these services (and there are anonymous ways to do this) does not have to be a private investigator to get this information they should at least have to give an electronic copy or a picture of their driver’s license, their own personal information, anything that has to do with criminal records, past offenses, job history and a psychological profile questionaire in order to be able to use these types of things.

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