On Earth as it is in Heaven

To understand that formulas, words, sentences, equations as well as anything and everything can be written in single or multi dimensional logical planes, single or multi dimensional logical trees and can be made in any logical configuration in the realm of immeasurable and infinite possibilities; (this also includes any illogical configurations as well as any logical configurations that are to be used as needed).
This means that anything and everything can, and possibly will be understood as being capable of being accurate and not confined to the current system’s limitations. May this apply to any configuration, hopefully with corrections made to different parts of the foundation of human knowledge, which has limitations and physical & spiritual errors according to erroneous details in some if not in every area of understanding. Theoretically this would expand into areas of the limitless and that which is omnidirectional. This would also delve into limitless possibilities of every subject and would expand in every area of study which would include writing and computing which would possibly be beyond the abilities of the entire electronic grid. May it be an expansion of Artificial Intelligence, as well as an expansion of Machine Learning and technology as a whole.

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