“The Adult Logic and The Child Logic”

“‘The Adult Logic and The Child Logic, have a distinct differentiation of concepts as well as shared concepts, convergences and parallels that show a contrast of similarities as well as a sameness of their differences.  This may paint the child logic as like the dark side of the moon of understanding. Also people have been using calculable aspects of Child Logic for things that are make believe -numerology for example- that ironically have a base 10:modulus 9 *Logic* to it.  (The same goes with music made from the -imagination that has logically phonetical equivalences and logically phonetical congruences that logically parallel and converge with real life events. Some call it prophecy, some call it Irony, and some call it coincidence.
Whether or not this relates to the developmental stages of the brain or the relationship between a parent and their offspring (negligible of age), “The Adult Logic” uses things that have to do with high degrees of complexities + formal conjecture that is understood as being proven and usable formulas.  “The Child Logic” has to do with aspects to Logic that the adult mind would often have difficulty grasping even though the simplicity is evident as are the concepts.  This would likely be due to pride, spiritual blindness, as well as a spiritually hardened heart.

The Adult Logic and the Child Logic fit together like a family of logical pieces of a puzzle that may be understood as feminine and masculine as well as complex and simple.

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