1D 2D 3D 4D

Know means Yes
A lot of people don’t know this but when they draw things like straight lines and shapes like triangles they think that they’re making things that are either one dimensional or two dimensional. In reality, everything is three-dimensional. The reason is because everything has three dimensions (quantum mechanics & atomic structures) otherwise the line drawn or a triangle drawn would be invisible and non-existent. It literally would not exist without having a first, second and third dimension; (*length *width and *depth). This ties into logic, chemistry, mathematics and physics. Therefore everything that is drawn, even one-dimensional lines and two dimensional objects such as squares and triangles are still three-dimensional because of the atomic structure of atoms which are spherical. When something is considered to be one dimensional or two dimensional, it’s because it is specified theoretically on a non-microscopic level, or an easily measurable level in a way that is deceptive and is neglecting depth, and or neglecting width. Perhaps one day hard drives will no longer be discs that are “two dimensional” (which aren’t actually truly two dimensional objects but flattened 3 dimensional objects). One day there may be hard drives which may possibly be spherical or cubic or maybe even consist of a cube inside of a sphere; who knows, they may perhaps even become dodecahedrons (all of which by the way are 3 dimensional and easily measurable. Hard drives one day may even consist of an array of shapes that plug into the motherboard and can even be rearranged.

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