“The Logical Triangle of Creation and Intelligent Design”

“The Logical Triangle of Creation and Intelligent Design”

Perhaps an Unknown Fact: No two things in life have ever been 100% identical nor ever should be (this includes living beings as well as non-living things {any person place or thing}; even if they fit the true definition of the word same or the true definition of of the word •identical•).

Everything in creation is generally identified as either being the same or being °different°

(The words “same” and “similar” do not mean the same thing in truth, and can be used out of context or used inaccurately. Same and similar may be used (loosely) & interchangeably as a rough generalization, but “very similar” and “practically the same” should be used for more accuracy.

Things that are *similar° to one another may share elements of *commonality* but should not typically, if ever, be referred to as “being the same”. Sameness should be defined by the quantity and the degrees of °differences° that exist, as well as the number of convergences of commonality.

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