“Universal Themes”

“Themes”, these are general ideas that are commonly understood and are things that are frequently seen and or known about in concern to life’s circumstances. Themes are seen in and make up “the bigger picture” & are basically the general idea(s) of factual events and fantasies {which also must have elements of logic and truth as well}). I’m now going to draw parallels and correlations that tie into logical details: [themes, thematics, thematic structures, mathematics]. These also have to do with Logical Convergences. (Logic in a nutshell consists simply of two things, The Big Picture and The Details. In concern to creation the big picture is everything in it’s totality. When talking about situations that have occurred throughout history, like for instance wars, the big picture of these types events are not as grand as the “The Entire Big Picture of God’s Master Plan”. In comparison to “The Entire Grand Design of Life’s Big Picture in all it’s Glory”, the history of life’s events are essentially like a series of smaller “big pictures” that are like a perplexing labyrinth of mysteries consisting of a myriad of corridors and hallways adorned with paintings that are both reality and fiction.

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