When expressing different types of sequences, formulas such as n:n+1 can be used. The sequences can be consistant or inconsistent and also unpredictable. Other equations may come in, such as the equation n:n-3 representing greater sequential differentiation (or lesser depending on the numerical conversion*). These could either be used to start new patterns, introduce alternating patterns or even utilize syncopated patterns.
The universe and every area of study can be looked at like the structures of musical compositions (logical structures and the use of recurring patterns, differing patterns, alternating patterns and even the straying from patterns to the point where things become basically unsolvable and unpredictable such as random events like comets or asteroids). Breaks in divine patterns may be indicative of beauty or anti-beauty and may either be constructive or destructive.

Also a formula may be encoded to where n:n+2 may not be +2 but x2 or even an exponent to the second power & n:n+1.7 may actually be indicative of n:n+17

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