“In the Beginning was the WordPress”

numerical values can apply to anything in creation and so can numerical sequences (can apply to anything

Logic and Randomness and Logic and Coincidence (incidents that coincide).  There are things that have patterns and there are things that do not have patterns.  There are things where patterns could continue forever and things where patterns start and stop.  Visualize it.

Everything in life is about *desire*. The desire to do what is right and the desire to do what is wrong.


Principles of Loyalty and betrayal are also subject to the rules of Logic and Logical Truth as well.

When mysterious things in life happen that cause irrational thought/s to occur, things can become dark and distorted.  It cause things that were once perfectly beautiful to lose beauty and can even turn things that were beautiful to things of ugliness.  There can also be a domino effect in terms of people becoming irrational, which can cause other people to lose their desire to want to continue to have understanding which is based upon Logical Truth and Rational Thought.

…and finally the Logic Trees of *Symbols* (Symbols that have been seen, Found and Used Throughout History (Symbols are sometimes referred to as Icons and can occasionally be copyrighted if new ones are made) There are also very likely Logical Planes of Symbols/Icons as well Logical Trees.

Logical Trees of $ Symbols and very likely Logical Planes of Symbols $

CONVERGENCES between symbols & numbers.  The star of David is comprised of six number 7’s geometrically and it is documented that the number 42  6×7 is equivalent to the letters of dna converted alphanumerically to letters (according to numerical sequence) A, T, C, G (1, 20, 3, 7)
1    20  addition
3     7   multiplication          

1  + 20 =   21
3  x  7  =   21        (then addition of the product and the sum)              

Star or David:  six sevens geometrically
6×7 also equals 42.   
This is not just a coincidence, it is a logical converge.   

Some people believe that it may in truth correlate (on a higher plane of understanding) to the verse of scripture: “and the *word* became *flesh” (The Son) and that the Son, being of the root offspring of *David, is tied into logical Truth and Perfect Design.

Patterns and Anti-Patterns

The emotions of the Holy Trinity are always perfectly logical and are never illogical.  This is the true definition of perfect.

Emotions of the Holy Trinity: Perfectly logical anger, Perfectly logical Love, Perfectly logical depth, perfectly logical sorrow.

Perfectly logical wisdom, Perfectly logical Joy, Perfectly logical laughter and Perfectly logical knowledge.

The Holy Trinity is also Perfectly Graceful (which ties into logic and wisdom because the state of being illogical is disgraceful and unwise.  The Grace of the Holy Trinity is Boundless.

I believe all of the elements of Logic may fit perfectly together like a multi-dimensional malleable jigsaw puzzle

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