“Explanation Continued”

Now how does modulus 9 and single digit reduction play a logical role in relation to a base 10 counting system.  The answer lies in the Convergences.  3² and 2³ (9 & 8) which are the numbers in the speed of Earth’s gravity. Numerical Logic: multiply them and you get 72 reverse it to get 27 (this may look familiar from the first page (photo) two pics down.  But the main clue is in what the multiples of 9 are and how it relates to the number 3. Alphanumerical Convergences: *3*(number) three, prefix or root (word) thre- thresh threshold(s). Now examine the logic of Triangles ∆ which has to do with shape logic.  Every geometric shape can be and is comprised of triangles. How does this relate to the holy Trinity?  Straight lines that draw Convergences from one being or one thing to the next in relation to one another.  Efficiency and the Path of least resistance.  Can a curved line or even an constantly changing line (calculus problem) be drawn between different points of convergence?  The answer is yes.  The question is whether or not those parts as well as other things that surpass human understanding should be done by artificial intelligence and or by those who are divinely intervening who know what the best possible outcome will be. ☝️☝️☝️

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