Sorry to disturb everyone but the world and I desperately need your help!!!
I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction or could even help me directly.  In 2013 I posted photographs of a thesis about a Perfect Logic on Facebook and quickly deleted them due to the sensitive nature of my discoveries.  Time passed and I lost interest but somewhat recently I began working on something that I have tiltled and I would like to be called “The Database of Perfect Logic”.   In order for this to become a reality I need to get those photographs that I posted of my discoveries, which I know are on their servers.  I am not getting through using Facebook’s help center and nobody can lend a helping hand, even though this is pertinent to understanding the corralative logic of the Corona Virus (which people are dying from due to their immunological responses. I am in the near process of working with Research Gate, Mendeley, and Elsevier.  If you could give me any help I would greatly appreciate it. 
                                                                                 Erich A. Duft

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