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GitHub › termux › x11-packages

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termux/x11-packages: Packages using the X Window … – GitHub
Packages using the X Window System. Contribute to termux/x11-packages development by creating an account on …

GitHub › pelya › xserver-xsdl
pelya/xserver-xsdl: XSDL – X.Org server ported to Android … – GitHub
XSDL – X.Org server ported to Android using SDL. Contribute to pelya/xserver- xsdl development by creating an …
Termux › wiki › Graphical_Environ…
Graphical Environment – Termux Wiki
XServer XSDL – this one may be unstable but it provides a standalone Xorg server so … Enabling the X11 Repository.
CNX Software › 2014/03/07
Xserver XSDL X Window Server for Android Allows You to Run Linux …
Mar 7, 2014 · It has been feasible to run Linux apps in Android by installing a Linux distribution in a chroot using some app such as Complete Linux Installer, and accessing the graphical application via VNC. … There’s now another solution with XServer XSDL app, X Window System server for … › my20percent › …
Android X server | my20percent
Feb 27, 2012 · For the past few months I’ve been implementing an X11 server to run natively under …
Android › source › setup › build
Downloading the Source | Android Open Source Project
curl repo-downloads/repo > ~/bin/repo chmod a+x ~/bin/repo. For version 1.25, the …
Stack Exchange › unix › questions

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APT repositories on Android – Unix & Linux Stack Exchange
Jan 14, 2016 · 2 answers
I am using a terminal emulator on Android called “Termux”. It comes with the APT command installed. However, the repository is very limited. What I want …

Top answer · 3 votes

If you did not noticed already, android is a Linux kernel with completely different userland, … More

1 vote

Yes, you can. I already managed to update my Termux sources.list with Ubuntu sources and it … More

Reddit › emacs › comments › te…
Termux package “emacs-x” : emacs – Reddit
from Termux, do: pkg upgrade , pkg install x11-repo and pkg install emacs-x. start the XServer app.
XDA Developers › guide-install…
Guide: Installing and Running a GNU/Linux Environment on Any …
Jan 28, 2017 · XServer XSDL is a complete X server implementation for Android powered … Fortunately, you’ve got a massive repository of Linux …
Google Play Store app · Installed
XServer XSDL – Apps on Google Play
X Window System / X11 server for Android, complete and fully functional, with PulseAudio server included. You may …

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