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Divine Solutions

If the technology is up to par, true vaccinations for Covid-19 can be given without people being tested as lab rats if the molecular structure of the virus is calculated, possibly along with the blood of each person willing to get vaccinated.  The utilization of artificial intelligence + machine learning as well as nano technology […]

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On Earth as it is in Heaven

To understand that formulas, words, sentences, equations as well as anything and everything can be written in single or multi dimensional logical planes, single or multi dimensional logical trees and can be made in any logical configuration in the realm of immeasurable and infinite possibilities; (this also includes any illogical configurations as well as any […]

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“Clearly Faulty Logic”

So with the example below showing that the logic that is used by humankind and is a part of what is being taught as well as what is being utilized in concern to counting, which is what machines constantly do (aside from calculating and maneuvering). This clearly shows that there is a governing Force that’s […]

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“Why Machines Will Always Be Imperfect” -fractional & decimal explaination and illustration.

2/3>.666 1/3>.333 & 3/3>.999 Even if a machine could count infinite numbers it’s still would not be an accurate representation a decimal and a fraction even though they’re used to represent one another or convert between the two of them are still not accurate making the conversion between the decimal and a fraction a fallacy […]

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“Worldwide Information and Understanding”

Country data source information Primary source: Wolfram|Alpha Knowledgebase, 2020.Wolfram Language CountryData. » Background sources and references: Butler, R. A. “Imperiled Riches—Threatened Rainforests.” Mongabay.com. » Center for International Comparisions of Production, Income and Prices, University of Pennsylvania. Penn World Table. » Encyclopaedia Britannica. Britannica Book of the Year. Encyclopaedia Britannica, 2008. Federal Housing Finance Agency. “Metropolitan Statistical Areas and Divisions […]

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